Featuring  (left to right, top to bottom): Nicholas, Yafiq, Shuk, Milady, Alyssa, and Louisa

With all the cool, wet weather of late, we’re seeing all the more reason to bring out the water-proof gear and cosy knitwear. You don’t have to look all flustered in a flimsy disposable parka, however; there are plenty of stylish options out there to keep you warm and dry. A thin, breathable nylon parka does its job, brings athleisure to mind, and can easily be stowed away when it’s no longer needed, while a more sturdy option provides some structure to your look. A leather jacket gets better with age, while a woollen or felt coat is also practical for frigid office air-conditioning. Wear a well-pressed button-up shirt underneath a more casual parka, or go for a muscle tank under a jacket to balance things out. Don’t shy away from colour or prints as well—these Shentonistas show you how to merge form and function.

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