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A Human Touch

I can’t live without:
Basic white tees, I think they’re the most important. They’re for times when you can’t decide what to wear.

Most memorable trip:
Whenever I go back to Australia to visit. I lived there for five years, and studied marketing. I revisit the places where I used to spend my time, and even though I go back to the same spots each time, I still feel very nostalgic about them.

I miss the food in Australia.
I like to go back for good Korean and Vietnamese food, which you can’t really find here.

Why the jump from marketing to banking?
I like structure, so I chose a corporate job. It’s quite different, so the learning curve was very steep, but I’ve been doing this for almost three years now so I’m getting used to it. I’m open to trying marketing, though.

Something interesting about me:
I’m very interested in humans. I know, it’s super duper different from what I’m doing, but I’m really passionate about human behaviour. I find myself doing a lot of research during my free time—what each human needs, why people are the way they are.

Samantha was previously seen here, here, and here.

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