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We’ve spotted Samantha several times before, and she rarely deviates from her self-described “girly and feminine” style. “I love maxi dresses, and anything pastel-coloured or in floral prints.” Her client-facing role requires her to look corporate for work, although she would choose to be more casually-dressed if she could; her one wardrobe must-have is a good, basic T-shirt. Apart from style, she also gives some dining advice on the best place in the CBD area to grab a quick lunchtime bite. “I rarely go out for lunch as I am usually busy, but if I do, I go to Aussie Roll below Chevron House. Sushi is the quickest option to bring back to the office.” Although Samantha’s schedule sounds incredibly packed during the work week, she tries not to bring work home over the weekends. “I will if I have to, but I believe balance is key. My ‘me’ time would definitely be exercising after work.” If she had more time on her hands, however, the one activity she would like to pick up again is a far cry from her current position. “If there’s one thing I wish I could be doing more of, it would be getting back into horse riding. I’ve been riding since I was young, but due to university commitments, I had to stop.” We hope she manages to catch a breather soon.

Samantha was previously seen here and here.

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