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An Adventurous Spirit

I deal with stress by:
Organizing my wardrobe or re-arranging furniture. It does sound a bit odd, but I feel like I’ve achieved something and even forget what I was so stressed about.

Dream home addition:
A big vegetable garden. I like to grow my own vegetables, and I’m growing basil and coriander in my mini herb garden.

I’m from Korea.
I came here 6 years ago, and am now working in my dream job in advertising. I still go back to visit—Korean food is overpriced here! Just make a trip to Korea — you’ll get good food and really good shopping too.

A funny story:
A few years ago, I went to Europe alone for the first time, and on the 2nd day, my bag with most of my money got stolen. I had to cancel all my accommodation and ended up couch surfing for 3 weeks. As a result, however, I made so many good friends and had a real adventure. I wish I could do that again.

Personal motto right now:
Like one of skincare brands, ‘Change Destiny’. Believe in yourself, and believe it will all work out!

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