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Good Vibes

I’m into music.
My best festival memory was at Stereosonic in Melbourne. There was great vibes, huge festival venue and a massive crowd. It was also my first trip back to Melbourne since my university days, and I spent it in good company and revisiting old hangouts.

The best decision I’ve ever made:
Travelling to Japan, multiple times, actually (laughs). There’s so much to see in Japan, and the culture there is very eye-opening. They are very meticulous with their architecture, and intricate with their details. I really love their minimalistic approach.

I can’t live without:
Basic white oxford shirts and jogger pants. The cuffs are actually there for you to highlight your footwear.

People don’t know this about me:
I scour the internet daily in search of new music.

My favourite designers and architects are:
Mark Newson and Kengo Kuma.

I’m currently reading:
When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chödrön.

Favourite genre of books:
Mainly science fiction, I like reading books that transport me into another world.

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