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Her Own Woman

It’s not often that you come across somebody wearing knee-high boots and a scarf in our sweltering climate — in the heart of the CBD, no less. That’s why we were immediately drawn to Serena and her unconventional style, which, we found out, is a reflection of her attitude towards life. Her style has changed over the years, she shares, and she’s come to shy away from short skirts and showing off too much skin, but her sister-in-law gave her a piece of advice that has influenced the way she puts her looks together: “Be confident in how you dress.” In life, as well, Serena believes in embracing herself. “Be true to who you are, and live up to what you value in life.” For her, that seems to mean chasing new experiences. “My goals for the year include learning how to ride a motorcycle,” she says. “And to travel to Europe or Paris to learn about organ music and take in the architecture of their churches.” It seems that Serena has a keen interest in the pipe organ, often playing it in her time off, and she says that she would love to be a musician if she could do anything she wanted to.

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