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In retrospect, Hanae thinks that her style is based on the city she lives in. “Back in Tokyo, my style was based around darker colours, similar to the cityscape,” she says. “Since moving to Singapore, however, my style has become more colourful and relaxed, probably as a reflection of the tropical weather we have here.” Hanae’s still taking time to settle in, and learning more about her new home — in particular, about Singlish, which she says she is strongly fascinated by. “How can anyone know the meaning of ‘abuhden’?” she laughs. Hanae’s mother taught her that it’s never too late to start something new, something which has probably guided her into her transition as a yoga teacher. Her dream, though, would be to run her own tiny café, selling cookies and Japanese treats. “I simply love to bake, and that’s what makes me really happy,” she says. No matter what she does, however, and perhaps as a result of many meditation sessions, Hanae believes in putting her mind where her hands are. “It’s really important to live in the moment.”

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