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You’re from Australia—what are you doing here in Singapore?
I actually live in Hong Kong, but I’m just visiting for work, and to see some of my friends who live here. I’ve been shopping at Sephora too because there’s no Sephora store back in Hong Kong! Besides shopping, I’m hoping to go to some of the hawker stalls too.

Some local dishes that you’re looking forward to trying?
Noodles, and in particular char kway teow.

What do you enjoy about being in finance?
Travelling, and learning about different companies and industries.

One thing I’ve learnt from my years of work:
A lot about finance, and generally how to read people and negotiate.

If I weren’t working in finance…
I’d love to work in fashion. I used to have a fashion and travel blog but I gave it up because it was a lot of work.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?
I get inspiration from Instagram and the internet by looking at other peoples’ street style, as well as from catwalks and fashion shows that forecast what’s going to be in trend the next season.

My wardrobe staple:
A little black dress, as well as a really good pair of vintage Levi’s.

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