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Are you in Singapore for a holiday?
Yes, it’s the school holidays in Japan now and I’m on a study trip to visit the different Japanese companies here. My class travels around different Asian countries every summer, and I’ll be in Singapore for four days. I’m going to Okinawa after this with my boyfriend for a holiday, and school will start again after that.

Do you like Singapore so far?
Yes! There’re people from so many different countries.

Have you tried the local foods here?
We tried the chilli crab in Chinatown, where we’re staying.

Favourite comfort foods:
Ramen and sushi.

What’re you doing after your studies?
It’s difficult to find a job in Japan now, but I’m lucky to have found one and I’ll be starting work next spring in Japan.

Describe your style.
I like the Japanese kawaii style and my favourite colour is red. My school is in Harajuku, so everyone dresses in that style. I like to go to Zara to shop as well.

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