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You don’t always need colours and patterns on your clothes to stand out or look well-put-together. In fact, different textures do the job equally well, and can make a huge difference to an outfit when worn correctly. With textures, the devil’s in the details, and it’s worth investing in a few statement pieces that you can wear out of the house in style. If you’re a beginner, try experimenting with ruffles or frills as they are easy to wear and highly versatile—far from dowdy or old-fashioned, these new adaptations mean that they match well with most basics, and add dimension to an otherwise flat and uninspiring outfit. We see it taking the form of a fun trim at the bottom of a standard pencil skirt, or lining the front of a shirt for some volume. Just adhere to one piece of advice and you’re ready to go: stick by the ‘either-or’ rule to avoid overdoing it—if there are ruffles on your top, keep the bottoms simple, and vice versa.

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