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The Long & Short Of It

Featuring (left to right, top to bottom): Nicholas, Raymond, Alistair, Arthur, KentaroRon
It’s no longer as sacrilegious as it used to be to wear shorts to the workplace. For sure, there are some industries in which shorts would still be inappropriate, and in others, reserved for casual Fridays only, but these Shentonistas show us how it’s possible to still look professional and well-put-together even when you’re not in a pair of chinos, trousers, or jeans. The trick, as it is in most cases, is balance. The length, cut, and material of your shorts makes a big difference, and they need some dressing up so that you don’t come across as sloppy. Pick a well-pressed shirt to go along, and layer up with a jacket, scarf, hat, or even a bow tie. With such great versatility, it’s no wonder that we’ve been seeing more and more people experimenting with this often-overlooked wardrobe staple.

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