Shentonista Highlights: April to June 2021

How is it that we’re already mid way through the year? Whether the thought fills you with dread or anticipation, we’re capping off the 2nd quarter of the year with the fond memories of Shentonistas who have warmed our hearts during these tough times. Below—a small celebration of some of our favourites that have been handpicked and hard-fought for by each of our Shentonista team members. Catch up with their compelling stories, unique sense of style, and insights about work and life.

Most Memorable Person: Pann

Despite being in the Advertising industry for 23 years, Pann still considers his career as a lifestyle rather than a job. However, that doesn’t detract from family time, which is the most important—this leads us to a  family zine, featuring a kaleidoscope of different projects that allows the whole family to spend time together and explore their creative outlets. While many of Pann’s inspirations for his projects comes from the everyday, it’s certainly not every day that we get to hear from an industry veteran who has remained down-to-earth, full of drive, and warm at heart.

Pann’s full feature can be found here.

Favourite Look: Cherie

If you had to blink several times to admire the colourful geometrical designs on Cherie’s dress, you aren’t the only one. Her fondness for fun and odd designs presents itself in her ensemble as well as her art—inspired by her  personal experiences of spiritual awakenings and  spirit of never being afraid to try out new things.

Cherie’s full feature can be found here.

Favourite Quote: Christina

It’s both a blessing and a curse that technology has vastly advanced in the past decade. While many innovations have truly helped to make life more convenient and efficient, we find ourselves trying to keep up with technology, or risk becoming redundant. Christina took these challenges in her stride by committing herself to trainings and opportunities to acquire new skills—read our feature of Christina for the Ministry of Manpower at the link here.

Favourite Detail: Melia 

We’ve seen our fair share of tattoos with different lines, intricacy, colours, and placements that share more about the person they adorn than they can speak about. Although she has several tattoos, it was Melia’s peony tattoo —stretching across her upper back and the back of her arm—that caught our gaze, with its detailed shading and beautiful line work.

Melia’s full feature can be found here.

Shentonista Of The Year:

Many of you are familiar with our yearly Shentonista of the Year contest, where we invite our audience to vote for those who have made an impact on them in the past year. Our theme for this year centred around family ties in a time that has made getting together all the more challenging, and we showcased the beautiful relationships between Zara & Hazi, George & Vanessa, and lastly, Grace, Arthur, Joshua and Faith.  With the help of some friends, we gave each family an experience to remember, and captured a moment in time in our studio.

Shentonista Restyled:

Our second season of Shentonista Restyled showcases fashionable artists that had us realising that sustainability was both a process and a journey. Alvin often chooses  to wear his clothes till death, buying only what he needs, while Aida went down the path of repurposing her clothes that didn’t fit into something fresh and new. Stay tuned for the third part of this second season of Shentonista Restyled, launching next Friday, 9th July.

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