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We first met Soma in 2012, when she was still finding her footing in the fashion world and on the pursuit  of her passion to the best of her abilities. Over the years, we’ve met up with her at different turns in her life, with our last meeting being in 2018. We caught up with her recently over a call, and did a little virtual photoshoot with Soma over Zoom while finding out about the big and small changes in her life since her last Shentonista feature, and how she’s been doing in the meanwhile.

Firstly, we revisited some of the questions we posed to her in earlier features, as a throwback to see how far she’s come.


How has your personal style changed over the years?
Nothing has changed in terms of my style actually, but I’ve been trying to do more DIY. Recently, I finished a project where I added sequins to my denim jeans. I’ve been into bead chains and necklaces too, ever since they’ve started becoming trendy. The most significant change might be my taste for jewellery—I used to be more into big hoops and showpieces but these days I prefer collecting dainty jewellery with a touch of gold.

If you could live in a TV show, what would it be and why?
I’d still love to be a part of Cable Girls, which was my previous answer, but these days I’ve been very into Little House On The Prairie. I think both the shows are about the older days, with a unique sense of style.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I’d still love to live in a city that keeps me constantly inspired, but we just recently shifted into our own home, so that’s currently my favourite environment to be in right now.

Best decision I’ve ever made:
You know, on hindsight, I’d like to believe I still have good decisions to make. I’m still looking forward to the day where I can make the decision to enter the fashion industry full-time.

A fashion tip you’d like to share is:
Stick to your own sense of style—over the years, I’ve realised it’s important to truly be in love with your body to find a style that fits you best.

What are some staples we’d find in your wardrobe?
My wardrobe staples are different from everyone else’s—which is the case with most people, depending on your line of work and preference. For me, my go-to items are wide-legged black trousers from Jacquemus with a white t-shirt. Another must-have is the lip tint that suits my skin tone, one with a blue undertone. I’m also hoping to add pinky signet rings into my staple collection.

We then asked Soma some questions about her future plans, and how she’s been dealing with the Circuit Breaker.

Over the years, we’ve seen your passion for fashion grow. Share with us a little more about where this passion has taken you, and how you hope to keep growing it.
I feel that I’ve not grown according to my standards, because my full-time work does take its own toll. For now I’m trying to see whether a blog or Instagram would be the correct format to carry this out, and see where the trend will go. I don’t like putting much of my life story inside my posts, so it’s about finding a voice that works for me as well.

I love the creative side of fashion, and my dream has always been to create beautiful silhouettes for women of all body sizes—this has always been my vision. Of course, it’ll take a lot of time, because I need to look at the finance side of things and sort out logistics. These are just some of the challenges that I’ll need to look into.

Do you feel your personal sense of style has changed with the Circuit Breaker?
Oh, it has changed majorly. The first big change is that I’m now not as bothered to dress up. Most of the time I opt for PJ’s or anything comfortable because I spend a lot of time seated. The second change is that personal grooming now takes precedence over personal style. With the little bit of extra time, something I truly enjoy doing these days is taking care of my skin: I prefer not to put on any make-up and only use moisturiser, to let my skin breathe as much as possible.

In your opinion, do you think there will be big changes to how people consume fashion after the end of COVID-19?
I believe there will be a good change coming out of this. If I have to look at my own journey, I think I’ve become more prudent—I now second-guess the items I want to buy and question if I do need them. I’m also looking forward to cleaning up my closet space to understand the items I need and what I truly love.

What are three changes or habits you’ve adopted into your life since the Circuit Breaker measures began?

  1. I like to have a cup of black tea and dip my biscuit into it at 4pm.
  2. I’m more consistent with my exercise routine now—I head for a workout straightaway once I’m done with my work day.
  3. Having weekend Zoom calls with my parents, and looking forward to my mother’s Grab deliveries of home-cooked meals.

What do you think has been the biggest change in your life over the past decade?
Having our own space has been a dream we’ve been working on for nearly a decade, so accomplishing it is very satisfying. I’m truly grateful to have a space to call my own, and I’m looking forward to styling it with my husband. It’s a place that inspires me to work to my best every day, which has been crucial during the Circuit Breaker period.

If you had the chance to change a decision from your past, what would it be and why?
I’d never have entered the finance industry and stuck to the fashion industry, which I was already passionate about. If I had known anything about starting as a young blood in the fashion or creative industry, I’d have put myself up to it. It would have given me overflowing joy to know that I’m doing something that I truly love.

What’s a piece of advice you’d give to people who’re trying to turn their passion into a full time job?
Pursue it wholeheartedly, to the 101% of your ability. If someone had given me that advice at the start of my career, I think it’d have changed many things for me personally.

Soma was featured in 2012201420152016 and 2018.

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