Shentonistas Recommend: Home-Based Businesses (Services)

We go back to our roots in fashion and art to bring to you home-based business (HBB) that provide custom services for your lifestyle needs. What sets them apart from mass market stores is the personalised experience you get—blending your preferences with their creativity, they design uniquely for you. From materials to production, every step is thoughtful and dedicated, and their appreciation for the arts and aesthetics is evident throughout their process.

Rounding out our series on HBBs, we showcase their talented services and give you a behind-the-scenes look at how they tailor to each customer. If you’re looking for nail art, home decor design, custom t-shirt painting, embroidery, or to up-cycle clothes, here are some HBBs recommended by our Shentonistas.

1. Quick or Gelanswers from Tong, founder of Quick or Gel

Quick or Gel
DM for appointments

2. Chloe’s Decoranswers from Chloe, founder of Chloe’s Decor

Chloe’s Decor
DM for decor and staging services

3. Leftover Neuronsanswers from Zaf, founder of Leftover Neurons

Leftover Neurons
DM for customs
Website/ @leftover.neurons

4. Heartlineanswers from Winni, founder of Heartline

DM for commissions

5. Alt.native— answers from Amanda, founder of Alt.native

Order on website or Instagram
Website/ @altnative

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