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I’m working in an industry that’s completely different from what I studied in university.
I studied Life Sciences, but I’m working in banking. I enjoyed studying Life Sciences in school, but working is a different matter. You’re likely to be doing research, and that wasn’t something I wanted to do. So I took a couple of exams and I’ve been working in banking for about two years, and I’m liking it so far.

One thing I’ve learnt at work:
That working is definitely much more demanding than studying. There’s so much to achieve and you must know how to manage your time properly so that you don’t always have to work overtime. I used to have to do that a lot when I first started but now it’s okay.

Comfort is key.
I don’t dress like this on the weekends. I also change into slippers in the office, because it’s really tiring to wear heels all day!

I love diving.
I went to get my licence recently. I think diving is really fun! At first it’s quite scary, and it’s a different experience, but I love seeing all the fishes underwater. I dive between 8-12 metres in depth; with a beginner’s certificate, you can dive up till 18 metres. I’ve only gone on one diving trip, to get my licence, but I’ll definitely go for more!

Favourite city:
I haven’t been there yet, but I think it’s going to be Paris.

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