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I like shopping for vintage clothes.
I usually shop in Japan or London, but I’ve only been in Singapore for seven months so I’m not sure where the vintage shops are.

What was the hardest part about moving to Singapore?
I’m originally from Kyoto in Japan, and I was in London before this, so the most challenging thing is the weather—it’s too hot!

What’s your favourite part of your job as a hairstylist?
I like colouring hair—you can create different designs with colour. One colour I wouldn’t try on myself is green though—I don’t like green (laughs).

One thing you always carry with you:
Lipstick, in the colour I’m wearing now. I prefer dark colours.

Do you have a nickname?
My co-workers at Itto+LIM call me ‘ice princess’ because they say I’m cool (laughs).

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