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Daniel Wellington

Share with us something interesting about your outfit.
My earrings are a gift from my mother; I was going through a tough patch at work and my mother bought me these as a small encouragement.

You’re currently working in IMDA—what are some common assumptions you hear about your industry?
People easily assume that the government is very strict when it comes to censorship, but I think it’s just because people have become too set in their own ways. It’s not a case of sensitivity, but more of the systems being outdated.

If you could change something about your job, what would it be?
The fact that in my colleagues aren’t really in my age group (laughs). They take care of me really well, but the generation gap is real sometimes.

What would be your ideal occupation?
A job where I can express myself through words. It should be something where I wake up and I’m excited to go to work, despite the stress and the pressure.

If you could live in the set of a movie or a tv show, what would it be?
Nikita, not just because I’ve watched it eight times (laughs), but because I really love the thriller genre. For a movie, I’d choose The Prestige, because it sounds like a fun world to live in, where all forms of magic are just clever illusions.

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