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What are you currently doing?
I’m interning at a law firm, but I’m still a student at Singapore Management University. I like it so far—the internship is tiring sometimes, but generally the whole experience is quite satisfying.

If I had more time to do anything:
I’d hang out with my parents and family more because sometimes I forget that they are getting old, and I miss spending time with them. When I see school kids walking out of school with their parents, I miss that a lot, and wish that I could go back to being a kid. Of course I want to hang out with my friends as well but I already see them a lot in school.

Describe your dream office.
It’ll be a building that has fast lifts, so that I don’t have to wait forever for the lifts to come. The office itself has to have a nice pantry where I can sit down and chill. And I hope that the work space won’t be cubicles because they stop people from talking.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
I want to be invisible, so that I can do a lot of things. For example if I’m late for class, I can just go in without anyone noticing. If someone’s getting bullied, I can also help the person anonymously.

Three people, living or dead, I’d like to have at my fantasy dinner party:
My friend, because he passed away in 2013 while we were on a service trip. It’ll be nice to have him back in our clique. The second would be my best friend, because she’s currently in Australia and doesn’t come back much. And lastly, my mom. Dinner would be casual, nothing serious—just chilling over my favourite food, which is rice. (laughs)

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