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Tell us what you do.
I do client services for a fund and attend to the requests of investors.

What are the challenges of the job? What do you enjoy about it?
It’s challenging as the clients—the fund managers—can be quite demanding at times. They require a short turnaround time for their requests. The good thing is that my colleagues are very nice. That whole office environment is very friendly and enjoyable.

Can you share more about how it’s been like working in the last one and a half years during the pandemic?
I joined this company in January, actually. We communicate very well and the seniors are very accommodating when I have questions for them.

Do you have any hobbies outside of work?
I like to go shopping!

Where do you shop?
Anywhere! If I think it’s nice and reasonably priced, I will buy it. 

What does your ideal weekend look like?
My ideal weekend is when I can go for a jog with my boyfriend and just chill at home watching movies or shows on Netflix because it’s the end of a hectic week. 

How has it been for you and your family during the last year and a half?
We’re more bonded because everyone is working from home. We always eat at home because my parents are quite health-conscious during this period.

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