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Wendy’s black structured top caught our eye on Nankin Street where sushi bars, hotpot spots, and boutique cafés line up in shophouses, but her lunch option this Friday is Korean BBQ with a friend. We caught her for a brief moment to get the lowdown on her day-to-day.

“I work in finance. It was kind of a natural progression as that’s the field I studied in university,” says Wendy. “A common misconception I hear is that men are better at finance. That’s not true!”

Her tan A-line skirt sits comfortably over her top; the black and tan colour combination is a classic for a reason. “My style evolved from sweetness when I was younger to simplicity and comfort today,” Wendy, when asked about her fashion sense. “I try to incorporate more classic pieces and stretch their mileage to ensure a sustainable future for fashion.”

Like many of us, Wendy picked up an activity during the pandemic. She revisited an old sport of hers—golf. Aside from the enjoyment, it has taught her some valuable life lessons. “Perfection is endless hard work,” she says. Not just in sport, Wendy believes that principle for our careers and life. “Success is never luck but engineered by ourselves,” she says. “Pretty much every day, I get inspired by great people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. I admire the endless hard work they put in.” 

As she walks off, we notice her low heel pumps, each detailed with a bow. It’s a tinge of that sweet, feminine side—perhaps not forgotten after all.

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