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What’s your occupation and how did you get started on this journey?
I’m a financial consultant. I was previously an auditor before I met my manager who brought me into this industry. I enjoy what I’m doing right now. 

What is it that you enjoy about this job?
I enjoy the building of relationships and the feeling I get when someone trusts me and is willing to share with me their personal concerns. 

How would you describe your style?
I prefer darker-coloured clothing even though many people think that lighter colours go well with a fairer skin tone. Dark colours are easy to match and I think they looks more professional. Plus, I’m quite young, so if I wore lighter colours, I’ll look even younger. 

Is there something that you’re very grateful for in the past year?
I’d say that I’m grateful that my loved ones are still doing okay in this pandemic. Life is still normal to us and the only difference is that we’d have to wear a mask when we’re outside. 

Do you have any hopes or dreams for the near future?
Hopefully, things can get better and we can travel overseas. I think it will be another year before we can travel. During this year, I hope to build on my knowledge and accumulate more wealth so that I can spend it when I can finally travel. 

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