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After 6 to 7 years in the nightlife industry, and having worked away her weekends, Sofie’s come to the realisation that this way of life wasn’t working out for her. “I had missed birthdays, brunches, baby showers, and I craved normality. Nights at the club will never replace that one birthday lunch or the lost time that could have been spent with real friends that matter,” she says. “So I started to learn how to say no. It doesn’t always mean that if you can do it, you should do it. There is nothing to feel bad about, because everyone is entitled to a life.” Nonetheless, Sofie loves the people that she gets to meet through her work, although she would one day want to own a chain of boutique hotels in all her favourite cities. “New York, Barcelona, Tokyo, Bangkok, Hong Kong! Each with its own character and a representation of what I love most about that particular city.” Beyond that, Sofie’s got other personal projects in the works that she’s quite excited about. “I recently launched my own YouTube channel called FleekTV, and the first series focuses on travels and sharing hidden gems that I’ve discovered,” she says. “Aside from that, I’m also committed to my running group, The High Panters. We are a collective of 25 that come together to run or do any kind of sports or physical activities and while doing so, we raise funds for a charity of our choice. This year, we are part of the 50 for 50 SG initiative, where we have chosen to raise funds and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Disease Association.” Sofie’s style is as dynamic as her personality and her varied interests, and she says that her outfit for the day often depends on her mood. “There are days where I choose to emphasize on my accessories, and other days on my shoes.” Shoes seem to be one of Sofie’s personal favourites; the massive Hello Kitty fan owns all the shoes from both the Dr. Martens x Hello Kitty and Vans x Hello Kitty collections, along with a trove of about 25 boxes of sealed, unopened collectibles. It definitely seems that Sofie approaches all things with passion, which is something she hopes to inspire others to do as well. “Give it all you’ve got,” she says. “Along the way, you’ll learn that the world is cruel, but it can only make you kinder and stronger.”

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