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If given the choice, Mashi sees herself working in a completely different industry: “I would like to work at the zoo.” Mashi works in digital marketing, where one would expect the pace of work to be the exact opposite of what it must feel like to be surrounded by animals. Her desire for a slower life could stem from the fact that she finds it difficult to maintain a work life balance, as she spent six years focusing on studying, gaining experience in print and digital advertising, and transitioning into her current career. She’s learnt that the only way to cope with work is to know when to draw the line between the job and spending time with friends and family. Nonetheless, Mashi enjoys her job because she is able to reach out to people at the click of a button, which in turn, increases the efficiency of the work that she does. “I can measure the impact of my work in terms of performance,” she says. “It is only possible because everything is trackable and easy to control.” Originally from Thailand, Mashi has spent a considerable number of years in Singapore, having studied here and later going on to establish her career. At any job, Mashi personally believes that one should always go the extra mile by taking initiative. “Keep improving your skills and build a strong foundation, and you will never fail.” Although Mashi describes her style as classy, demure, feminine and elegant, her outfits are not restricted to boring office-wear. “My workplace doesn’t have any dress code, so we have the freedom to dress however we like.” Nonetheless, she believes that whatever she chooses to wear, it should always be respectful and not too revealing.

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