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Wilber aptly describes his style as “street chic meets swag”. “Imagine these brands — Public School meets Dolce & Gabbana, with a bit of MSGM on the side.” It’s a look that he’s clearly channelling today, with his almost full-black ensemble and just a bit of fun from his pop-art inspired keychain. “We don’t have a dress code at work, soI can wear anything I want, as long as it’s aligned with whatever that I have on during the day — be it work, a meeting, an event, or a party,” he says. “The best advice that I can give for dressing up for work is very simple: you could go crazy and loud or muted down, but the fit is everything.” Wilber says he’s wanted to work in fashion ever since he was young, no matter whether it was with a brand, or a publication. He has tried both sides of the industry, and, although he confesses that he’s a closeted Interior Designer at heart, says he can’t think of working in anything else. “The thing I enjoy most about my job is the fluidity of its nature,” he says. “Working in fashion media for years has also been a big part of my personal development — I love meeting different kinds of people, experiencing different brand directions and being relatable to all markets surrounding it. I’ve also learnt that it’s important to be grounded, stay humble, and be yourself.” He’s also lucky that most of his close friends are in the same industry, so he has no problem mixing his career and personal life. “But as a tip, a work-life balance is really about prioritizing and time management. If you want something, you will find ways to get it, no matter what.” Wilber leaves us with two of his personal philosophies that he believes in. “‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ I have lived by this and practice it everyday, although I have a new philosophy that I am obsessed with right now: ‘Change enough of the little picture and you’ll change the bigger picture.’”

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