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Jessica Simpson

As an auditor working in the CBD, Elane finds it difficult to dress as she pleases due to the nature of her work. “I would never be able to get away with the outfit you shot me in on normal weekdays!” However, it does not stop her from tastefully incorporating feminine details into her weekly outfits — in today’s case, a peplum top and floral culottes. She lists pastel colours and mermaid skirts, with ruffles at the bottom, as some of her favourites, and also notes that a stylish blazer or cardigan over a lace dress makes the look more professional. “Always keep your outfits tasteful — no short skirts or revealing clothes — and be presentable as you’re constantly portraying an image of yourself through the way you dress,” she advises. Elane looks forward to Fridays and the weekends to be more flexible with her dressing, by accessorising more and wearing fun shoes or open-toed, heeled sandals. “Fridays are the only days I can be more adventurous when it comes to my dressing, like wearing culottes to work.” Her personal advice to anyone who is starting out at work is: “Be open minded and learn as much as you can from everyone.” Bearing that attitude in mind, Elane views life with the same expectations, yet understands that it can be unpredictable. “Life is short. You never know what will come your way, so just live, laugh, and love!” She takes every opportunity to travel and explore famous eateries and restaurants whenever her job allows her to. “I’m quite the foodie, so I am always on the look out for interesting places to dine at.” Off work, Elane finds herself unwinding with her favourite dramas and trying to keep fit by practicing pilates or yoga regularly.

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