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Share with us what you do for work. Is this something you’ve always wanted to pursue?
I’m a professional mermaid performer from Taiwan. I’m currently in Singapore for six months to perform for the opening of The Mermaid, a new restaurant at Westway. I used to perform part-time at Farglory Ocean Park in Hualien, but this is my first official full-time job as a mermaid performer.

I started exploring this interest six years ago and at the beginning, I only just wanted to be a mermaid and be underwater (laughs). Now I’m also an instructor at a mermaid school in Taiwan that I co-founded.

How have you been enjoying living in Singapore so far?
It’s my first time being so far away from home. Singapore is very different from Taiwan in terms of the weather, food, and prices, but everything is very well-built, clean, and everyone abides by the rules. It’s also interesting to hear the different languages and accents of people here.

Singapore is so hot so I don’t quite like to be out on land. When I’m not at work, I’d usually stay home or visit a coffeeshop or a library.

What’s the most challenging part about your job?
Being underwater for long amounts of time is not good for the human body, especially when I have to dive up and down without a mask. My nose will usually be full of water after each performance, so I have to clear it immediately to avoid infections or colds.

We also have to train for a long time, including having to hold our breath on land for four minutes straight!

What’s your favourite mermaid costume that you own?
My favourite mermaid tail is called Borealis and it was handmade by my idols from Odycea Studios. It’s very big, so I couldn’t bring it to Singapore this time.

Do you see yourself being a mermaid performer in the long run?
I hope to be able to do mermaid performances around the world.

Or maybe after three years I’d change my mind and decide to find a prince (husband) and sail away (settle down) just like Ariel from The Little Mermaid (laughs).

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