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Tell us about your job in the creative industry. Is this something you see yourself doing in the long-term?
I’m a week into my new job at a digital creative agency. I’ve always been in the whole creative, media, and fashion scene, so this isn’t something too far off from what I’m used too. The only difference is that my new company focuses more on social media and younger audiences.

I’m happy with where I am for now, but I’m always up for exploring new stuff.

You’re a model too. How did your interest in modelling start?
When I was still in school about seven years ago, I modelled for a friend who started his own fashion collection. The photos that were taken caught the eye of my current modelling agency, NOW Models, and I’ve been modelling with them ever since.

I love being able to explore the fashion industry and be a part of different brands, dress up in their pieces, and discovering what their clothes are about. But modelling has always been a side gig for me. I was perhaps more active in my earlier days, but now I do it as and when I can.

How would you describe your fashion style?
Honestly, my style is really mixed and depends on my mood. Some days I could be in a whole avant garde getup, Rick Owens style, and other days I could dress more like a city boy.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Nothing much. I like to play the drums when I go jamming with some friends, just for fun.

Do you have a favourite band?
I used to be a big fan of Two Door Cinema Club—it was a major phase in my life. Even though they’re a small band, they’re really well put-together and their music is pretty full and nice. I still listen to their songs every now and then.

Like my dressing, my music style also really depends on my mood. I enjoy listening to genres from deep house to techno to alternative to rock—there’s quite a bunch!

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