What do you do?
I study at Temasek Poly as a mechatronics student. 

What made you choose mechatronics?
It’s a passion of mine. I enjoy robotics and I like building things! I initially wanted to study mechanical engineering but I found mechatronics more interesting. So far, I have no regrets.

Is there a goal that you have in mind?
I look up to Elon Musk and I’m a Marvel fanboy. I want to think of myself as being like Iron Man—building, creating, and inventing. I’m very into automation as I find it satisfying to build something that works, out of nothing. 

What do you look for when shopping for clothes?
I look for something that stands out. I want people to look! I bought these shoes because they’re very bright and they attract attention. 

You mentioned that you enjoy watching anime. What is it about anime characters that you find inspiring?
Many anime shows portray the spirit of never giving up. It really gets me in the feels. Many of the heroes in anime shows that I like are unstoppable because of their drive and passion. That’s what inspires me as well!

Where’s the first place you’ll go once travel restrictions are lifted?
I would like to visit Hong Kong.

Have you been there?
I’ve been there once when I was very young. I got lost in Disneyland because I wandered away from my family and rode rides without them (laughs). It was my fault that I got lost!

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