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Share with us a little more about yourself!
I’m an urban farmer. When people hear this, they tend to associate it with the more high-tech end or hydroponics, but what I do is more down-to-earth (laughs). I went freelance a while ago, and now I set up and maintain food gardens for people as a way to support the farming pursuits. My work and life is heavily influenced by permaculture.

What’s a common stereotype or assumption about urban farming that you’d like to debunk?
You’re not an “urban farmer” if you grow a few pots of herbs on your balcony. You need to be providing a stable and predictable supply of produce for more than yourself to be a “farmer”. You don’t necessarily have to do hydroponics or vertical stuff for that! Soil-based farming is still viable and so much more beneficial for urban spaces! Okay, I guess that was two stereotypes (laughs).

How would you describe your sense of style?
I’d like to say I’m quite minimalist—I only buy clothes when I have a need to, which isn’t often. Usually, I’ll look for second-hand options if I do need something. I prefer to wear linen because it’s a cooling material, and perfect for the Singapore weather, especially when you’re outdoors most of the time. I also generally like looser clothing; I don’t understand how people can wear those super tight bermudas.

What’s one advice you’d share with people hoping to cut down their fashion carbon footprint?
I employ life-cycle thinking whenever I want to buy anything. In short, it’s about considering the impact the product has on the environment throughout its life cycle. If it’s possible to make it yourself, try to do that. Eventually I want to make my own clothes from scratch—I’m growing cotton in my garden (laughs). Also, if you’re buying anything, buy one that returns to the earth easily or invest in something that lasts (or that you will use a lot).

Something interesting you picked up during the Circuit Breaker period is:
Getting into the fermentation arts—it started with sourdough, and then my brother got into kombucha while my dad got into beer. I want to continue experimenting with rice vegetable ferments that use wild fermentation methods, such as non-store bought yeast/bacteria.

If you could ask any band or artist to come up with the soundtrack to your life, which one would it be and why?
I guess Joe Hisaishi (composer for Studio Ghibli films)—I guess because my life is too complicated to be put into words.

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