Bread & Butter







Marc Jacobs

If you could do anything you wanted to do, what would it be?
I’d be a travel journalist or I’d be an interviewer for Shentonista! (laughs)

My dream home/office would have:
Bread-scented candles! With wicks that never burn out. I wish someone would quickly invent those…The smell of freshly-baked bread does more for me than eating the bread itself. Unless of course you’ve got butter to go along, then I’d have to seriously reconsider. 

Guilty pleasures, if any:
Burrata cheese. My boyfriend is lactose intolerant, so whenever I order it as a starter, it means I’d be finishing it myself! 

One thing I wish I did when I was younger:
To study and live overseas. When else would you have an extended amount of time to live overseas sans the worries of being a proper adult?

Favourite comfort foods:
Crusty walnut bread and cold butter. Or those $1 waffles you’d get from bakeries below HDB blocks! As to why—see reply to question 2. 

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