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Lucy & Mui

What’ve you been up to since the last time we met you?
I celebrated one year with WeBarre, bleached my hair, and became a Lucy & Mui brand ambassador. Lucy & Mui’s a minimalist fine jewellery brand that my friend started, and I decided to become its brand ambassador because I thought that what my friend was doing was really meaningful. Other women were interested in how she started a business and wanted to do the same, so she’s giving them access to entrepreneurship opportunities by allowing them to sell her jewellery while earning a commission out of it.

People don’t know this, but…
I forfeited my deposit and backed out of a masters programme at the London Business School that I was enrolled in to attend a dance school programme at New York.

You got engaged recently too?
My fiancé and I were chasing music festivals in Madrid, where we caught Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, and Green Day before travelling to the South of France where I got engaged. The proposal turned out to be less romantic than it was supposed to be, because there were tons of mosquitoes when we sat down by the breakwater at the beach. He was videoing the whole process, and just as the camera panned towards me as he was going to propose, I was just swatting mosquitoes away!

What’s one thing you wish you had more time to be doing?
Sleep! I sacrifice sleep to accomplish more, and holding three jobs is really time-consuming. But I always strive for excellence and try to have a good work ethic—it might not always be noticed but you’ll definitely feel an immense sense of pride and accomplishment for a commitment that you spend more than 70% of your life on.

If I could do anything I wanted…
I’d like to move to a new city to live for 3-6 months at each place.

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