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How and why did you pick up modelling?
My modelling agency Misc Management had contacted me via Instagram. I did a test shoot with them and had the most amazing time! I have always been intrigued by the fashion and modelling industry. Being a model has been a dream of mine since forever. It allows me to express myself and my inner creativity.

Apart from being a model, what else do you do/what are you working on?
I’m a full time student and footballer! I play for the Singapore Women’s National Team. I’m currently also working on a little project of mine, where I aspire to make my own clothing brand.

How did you pick up football, and what do you feel it has taught you?
I have three younger brothers and they have definitely influenced me. Playing football has made me realise the immense gender inequality in the sports industry. This pushes me even harder to do better and to achieve my dreams as a football player.

Over the years, how do you think your fashion sense has evolved?
I feel like gradually, I have learnt to be more confident with myself and my body. This has allowed me to find my inner fashion sense. I have also learnt to dress up to simply please myself, and stop following trends!

Tell us more about an incident or an event in your life that really shaped you as a person.
Moving to Singapore last year in 2020 has truly been a transformative journey. My family decided to move here from Shanghai permanently on the spur of the moment due to Covid-19. I had to quickly adapt, and go to a new school, meet new friends etc.

What do you wish you had more time for in life?
I definitely wish I had more time for myself, to treat and care for myself. It’s definitely important to relax and spend time with yourself at the end of the day!

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