You run a travel blog—now that we’re all grounded, how have you adapted, and how has the experience been for you?
I’ve adapted surprisingly well. It felt kind of strange at first, as I usually go overseas at least once every two months. I have been grounded here for the past 16 months and I don’t yearn to travel as much as I did before, or at least I don’t desire to travel to the extent that I am willing to go through all the hoops that are in place now just to board a flight.

 In my last appearance, you also asked me about one thing that many people don’t know about me and I said I enjoy lazing around. I’ve certainly had plenty of opportunities the past 16 months—though not in the circumstances I originally envisaged (laughs).

 The next place in Singapore you’re planning to check out:
I haven’t been to the farmlands of the northwest, so I would like to check out places in Lim Chu Kang once I get the chance. I’ve never really explored the agricultural side of Singapore before.

 What’s the first place you’d like to travel to once restrictions are lifted?
For leisure? I would like to go to Central Asia and the Caucasus region—places like Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan—these were the places I intended to visit just before the pandemic hit. I already had my visas and was almost ready to go.

 Something that travel has taught you:
To be more open-minded and accepting of things.  If this pandemic continues, I fear that people will eventually become more inward-looking since the overwhelming majority of people around the world can literally only live in their own little bubbles. I fear that would become of me as well.

 What’s something you’ve been doing more now, as compared to the last time we met you?
Housekeeping (laughs). But seriously, I have been exercising more. Whether it be with cycling trips or a fitness class in the gym, I have to say I have more time now to focus on wellness. I have also been exploring some of Singapore’s neighbourhoods in greater depth. I have been based in Eastern Singapore for a while now but neighbourhoods such as Katong and Geylang are seen in a different light once you get down to checking out the details.

 The last thing you watched that inspired you:
I take bits and pieces of inspiration from just about anything I see. Recently, I was struck by a video documenting the fast-disappearing trade of cobbling in Singapore. I was quite inspired by how these uncles hold on to their craft even though some of them only get one or two customers each day.

Bino was also seen here, and here.

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