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Can you tell us more about how you got into barbering?
I first started barbering for fun, but I got hooked because it’s really interesting and I get to make people happy everyday. I really like to transform people into better-looking versions of themselves.

Is there a specific memory or a particular customer that’s left a deep impression on you?
There was this point of time where I had a group of customers who were exchange students. They were all African Americans from America, and they visited me often for haircuts. Before they left, they threw a party, and invited me. They said they really appreciate me, and asked me to hit them up when I’m in America. So they were some of the most memorable customers for me.

Is there a grooming tip that you can share with us that maybe not many men or people know about?
I think a lot of men don’t know how often they should wash their hair—we should wash our hair once every two to three days, or whenever we perspire. And also condition your hair; it’s very different from shampooing. The shampoo is for the scalp, and the conditioner is for the hair. Not a lot of men know that.

That’s a very interesting turtle ring you’re wearing. Can you tell us a bit about it?
I enjoy scuba diving a lot, and turtles are some of my favourite sea creatures to spot when scuba diving. This ring reminds me of nature and the feeling I get when I’m scuba diving, even when I’m not diving.

What first made you want to pick up scuba diving?
I got into scuba diving because of my brother. He’s a scuba diving instructor, so he gifted me a certification course for my birthday. I learnt how to dive in Tioman, Malaysia, and then I started diving in Bali with my brother and some friends. It’s another world, what the sea gives us. It’s paradise just a few feet beneath the surface, and down there it’s always calm, peaceful, and serene.

We hear you also recently got married! What’s the biggest thing your partner has taught you in your relationship with her?
Alya, my partner, has taught me to communicate a lot. I often hide my emotions and feelings in my day to day life, but she never fails to make sure I share everything with her, and open up to her.

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