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Since the last time we spoke to you, how would you say your style has changed?
I think my style is more classic now. I don’t like trendy pieces that go out of fashion quickly; I try to stick to items that I can wear in 10 or 20 years’ time, both in terms of longevity and design. I also wear more formal clothes now, and I go for more high-end brands.

We heard you recently started a YouTube channel. What kind of videos and content do you create?
Yeah! My content is about luxury and fashion, so mainly about brands like Van Cleef, Cartier, Rolex, Dior, Chanel, and Bulgari, because these are some of my favourite brands.

Between your day job and creating YouTube content, how do you spend your days off?
On my off days I either meet up with my friends, or exercise—I do yoga—or I’m filming and editing (laughs). I used to go to the gym to do yoga, but with COVID it’s been a bit difficult, so I do it at home now.

You’ve been in Singapore for a really long time now. What do you like most about life in Singapore?
Like I mentioned before, I see so many similarities between Singapore and Russia, where I’m from. I think the culture is quite similar, and that’s what I like about Singapore! That’s why I’ve been here for 13 years—it feels like home.

Apart from that, the weather here is great when it’s not raining, unless you are indoors. I’m quite happy there is no cold winter, so I love it (laughs).

What is one thing that the pandemic has taught you?
I feel like before COVID our lives were so busy, so it was good to slow down and reflect a bit. It also helped me to straighten out my priorities in life—I do more of the things I love now, and spend more time with the people I enjoy being with as compared to before, so I definitely feel like there are a lot of advantages even though COVID times are pretty hard.

I do hope it will die down soon so I can go back to travelling and seeing my family in Russia, but it also all depends on travel lines, and I think it’s not going to happen anytime soon, so I might just go to the UK instead to visit my husband’s family in London.

But yeah, I think I will take these experiences from COVID with me into the future, and will try to follow these same principles in life.

Nika was previously seen here.

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