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Patek Philippe

That’s a unique pair of shoes you’re wearing, where are they from?
This pair of Nike sneakers actually belonged to my friend. She was trying to sell them on Carousell to no avail, so I decided to buy them from her just last week. I love them! I haven’t stopped receiving compliments since I first wore them out, I suppose you guys spotted me because of the cool prints and colours as well.

Have you always wanted to become a Commodities Broker?
Absolutely not! Not many people know this but I studied graphic design at LASALLE College of the Arts. Actually, my husband only just found out during lunch (laughs).

I became a Commodities Broker 18 years ago through word-of-mouth and I love what I do; it pays better too. I don’t think I’ll go back to designing since I’ve lost touch with that side of me, but I still do appreciate the field—I even did the interior design of my own home.

Share with us more about what your job entails. What’s your favourite part about it?
I liaise with institutions like banks and oil majors to execute trades for them. My job is pretty demanding—sometimes I don’t get off work until 3AM and I’m expected to show up the next morning at 8AM.

Despite that, I do enjoy the social aspects of it. My job is very interesting and entertaining. There’s also a lot of drinking involved, which I’ve grown to love after years of training on-the-job.

You’re a mum to twins! Tell us about your experience raising them.
They’re four now and oh, it’s so hard! But I believe that if God chooses to give you twins, it means you’re able to survive them and you can get through the hardship.

It’s also been great watching them develop into their own people with very different personalities.

What’s one advice you’d like to impart to your kids as they grow older?
I would 100% tell them to be independent and live abroad. It’s something I advise my younger colleagues too. Take the chance while you’re young to leave the country and explore!

Do you have any plans to move abroad?
I lived in the UK for 10 years and even met my husband there, but we returned to Singapore to raise our children. I think I’ll go back to England eventually because I love the lifestyle and weather there. I know it’s hard to believe, but I really like cloudy and grey skies, like The Adamms Family (laughs).

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt after six years of marriage?
Trust. If we can’t trust each other as a couple, then life is not going to be easy.

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