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Share with us more about how you ended up in your current line of work?
I was trained as a social worker in university and after graduation, I started off as a medical social worker. Somewhere down the road, I became lured by the prospect of media—not in a negative way, it just became an attractive sector I was eager to explore. So I was in the magazine sector for many years, and as much as I loved it, there was always this calling to go back to the social work and philanthropy sector, which led me to Playeum.

You’ve been working with children for a few years now—what’s been an important personal takeaway you’d like to share with people?
Children are innately creative and competent; many people tend to think children are empty vessels, needing much input and instruction from adults. They have ideas and a voice! Children’s activities have become too structured—not only are they often on digital devices, but school and activities outside restrict them from being flexible in their thinking and practice, which curb their naturally creative process.

Who’s been an important influence in your life?
My son—I had a child quite late, and because it took a long time for Jonas to be born, it made me cherish motherhood even more.

What’s been one of the biggest lessons your son has taught you?
My son has taught me to not underestimate him despite his age. He’s capable of logical conversations—there are cases of teasing in school, and sitting down and talking to Jonas has been a very powerful experience. As mothers, we tend to always go into protective mother mode, but it’s important to hear them and co-create solutions together.

Tell us more about your ideal holiday destination:
There’re two kinds—with family and alone. If I had to go for a holiday alone, I’d like to go somewhere remote where I can dream a little dream, and take some time to talk to myself.

If you could change something in society, what would it be?
governments and countries have become so polarised, and many have become so self-centred and focused on themselves—somehow in the midst of all this, we forget that we’re part of the same world.  Saying that, there are many great examples of giving and kindness, and I wish to focus on expanding that! To change your society or the world, you need to first focus on the change you want to see—it’s important to realise that it starts with me.

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