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What’s something not many people know about your work?
I work in marketing for an insurance firm, so a common misconception people have is that we’re all agents and we’re all trying to sell you something.

What are some lessons your work has taught you?
That it’s important to work hard, and that building friendships with your colleagues is something that can make your work environment much more pleasant.

What do you miss about the Philippines, where you’re from?
My family and friends, and having easy access to the beach. If you want to leave the city, you can just go on a road trip and be close to nature, which is something you can’t do in Singapore even though it’s very green.

What are some things you must do whenever you go back home?
Eat! (laughs) Filipino cuisine is actually quite similar to Singaporean food in terms of the ingredients we use and the flavours. One of my favourite dishes is sisig (a dish of mixed pork on a hotplate)—it goes well with rice and drinks, and it’s great for sharing with friends.

If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?
Not to take things too seriously, and not to be worried about what others think. Pleasing your parents and others might be part of Asian culture, but it’s important to pursue the things you want as well.

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