Urban Revivo

What’s changed since the last time we met you?
I guess I’ve grown to love Singapore more since then. I originally planned to stay here for just two years, but now that I’ve been here that long, I think I might stay for a few more. Other than that, my hair has kept getting shorter to deal with the heat.

What’s something silly or untrue that you used to believe as a child?
As a child I was told our fates are all predetermined, but life has brought me unexpected surprises and journeys that took me places I could have never imagined. And every time I find myself evolving with the situational and surrounding changes.

What is one good habit you think people should form early in life?
Believe in yourself, because ultimately, only you can get yourself over life’s hurdles. Believe that you can, and you will.

What’s something you’d like to be really good at?
Perhaps relaxing. I always find myself busy doing something—even when I’m on vacation I’m still doing work, or thinking about work. I don’t mind it at all, but I do admire people who can completely unplug and unwind when they need to. The ability to switch off is so essential but so overlooked.

If there was going to be a movie of your life, which actor would you want to play you, and why?
Eva Green. She’s regal and classy, which I aspire to be, and she has an effortless presence. I’d trust her to nail my character as she’s an incredible multifaceted talent. She’s performed in demanding roles with complex psychological profiles which I very much enjoyed watching.

What’s something that isn’t taught in schools, but that you believe everyone should learn?
Grades don’t matter. They don’t define your intelligence, and most importantly, grades don’t help you thrive in a community from a social perspective. Develop an amazing personality instead.

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