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We caught up with Lizzy during a mass fire drill, amidst a sea of people, elegantly dressed in a black dress with a pleated hem on one side, complete with her favourite pair of sandals. We love how she manages to look incredibly calm and cool, and we see how one of her wardrobe staples — a little black dress — has worked for her. The dress would also have gone well with a pair of sneakers, which she says is another of her personal must-haves. Lizzy shares that she had intended to travel the world as an air stewardess, and although she didn’t end up in that line, her passion for hospitality and service did not cease. “I worked in hospitality for 5 years before applying as a Personal Assistant at my current company,” she says. “The transition was easy for me, and I never looked back.” She seems very happy with her job, possibly because she works alongside her superiors in a creative working environment. “My office is my ideal workplace, where we actively practice ‘hot-desking’. The place is designed to cope with activity-based or agile working, and my bosses do not have their own offices. They sit next to us and it’s literally an ‘open door policy’.” Lizzy feels fortunate to able to find a balance between the demands of her job and her own time because her bosses are understanding. “I have not encountered the need to bring work home over the weekend. I do, however, have incidents when I have to change their flights or arrange their child’s birthday party.” On where to get the best bites in the area during the lunch hour rush, she lists Heng Kee curry chicken noodles and SL II muffins as her go-to places for cheap and good eats. “I’m a typical Singaporean,” she says, noting fruit juice, mee siam, lor mee, and fish fritters as some of her other favourites. “If I’m feeling adventurous, I will walk to Maxwell Food Centre. Where there is good food, there is always a queue.” Lizzy was previously seen here.

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