Barbara believes that there are no second chances when it comes to making a lasting impression. “The way you dress states a lot about you, who you are and your attitude toward life.” She says that she learnt this way back when she started out as a young lawyer, and her opinion on dressing has stuck with her even though she wears many hats today. She’s the director of a company that distributes Italian accessories in Singapore, and is also a mother, a wife, and a language teacher who believes that the subject is easier if learned with a playful mind. “It is like learning your first language when you were a baby; the same rules apply. I think my students would agree with me!” Barbara’s witty, self-deprecating sense of humour is subtly conveyed through her sense of style. “I try to express my infinite need for energy through a comfortable outfit with a hint of craziness,” she says. “I like innovative designers so I always source for unconventional and unique designs.” She always adds a bit of colour and an unexpected touch to her looks, but one thing she doesn’t compromise on are comfortable shoes that still look smart. “I buy mine in Italy every year when I go back home for holidays. The same goes for my handbags,” she says. To combat Singapore’s hot weather, Barbara prefers natural materials such as cotton, linen, and silk. “But I do have some fake leather in my wardrobe!” While Barbara clearly loves her multiple roles, we ask her what she would do if she could do anything, and we get a typically unexpected answer. “I’m a real fan of sci-fi books and movies, so I would like to fly a spaceship to explore the universe!”

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