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Soko is from Mongolia, and left her country when she was 16 to study and work in Asia and Europe. She now finds herself in Singapore, and she says she is lucky to have this combination of backgrounds to expose her to various trends and cultures. “I would describe my personal style as being modern and feminine with a focus on all the small details — always having a manicure pedicure, for example! Attention to detail is important because first impressions are made and lost on how people present themselves, prior to even speaking.” Soko has been in Singapore for just half a year, and says that she finds it to be a land of opportunity. “However, you sometimes have to start low to get high. It takes time and patience for sure,” she says. “With set goals and benchmarks, and a relative timeline, I try to keep perspective on where my aims are and how I hope to get there.” She also enjoys the occasional cheat-day off from the gym by indulging in some of our famous local foods. A big fan of fashion, Soko says she would love to focus working with boutique Australian brands and bringing them to Singapore or back to her native Mongolia. She lists Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba as style inspirations and role models. “They are fabulous mums, while also having established business lines with global appeal.” Solo says that her guilty, off-work pleasure is Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Legally Blonde, which was a personal favourite when she was little. “It’s how I first started to teach myself English!”
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