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You’ve made a career switch since we last met. What was the transition like for you?
It’s been six years since my last feature and I was still in recruiting back then. I remember mentioning that I wanted to be a tailor if I were to choose a different career path, and I guess that thought really did manifest into reality since I’m now managing a tailor shop!

The transition was challenging at first as I had no prior experience in the field. There was a steep learning curve, but my passion for tailoring definitely helped the process.

The biggest challenge that I’ve faced thus far was during the Covid-19 pandemic when formalwear was not regarded as an essential. I think people often forget that tailoring is not just about suits, we can produce casual clothes too. So through that, we had to adapt to become more relevant to the masses.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
There’s nothing more satisfying than to see customers happy with their final garments, after each lengthy process from consultations to fittings, and finally to the delivery.

On days you feel like dressing down, what’s your outfit of choice?
A relaxed linen ensemble—it’s the most comfortable material to wear in Singapore’s weather!

Who’s the fashion guru at home, you or your wife?
Despite my wife taking up more space in our wardrobe, I’d say that I’m more particular about my outfits.

Being in the fashion industry, I obviously have to be more aware of how I dress, and knowledgeable about the cloths that I wear.

We hear that you have a new dog! How has it been raising a puppy?
It’s been a challenging yet rewarding experience. Before my wife and I became dog parents, we never knew that we could spend so much time talking about poop (laughs). We’ve also had to adjust our routines to make sure that our dog is well taken care of with enough training and socialisation.

But at the end of the day, nothing beats coming home to the unconditional love of a dog.

Share with us something that made you smile recently.
My wife and I had to leave our dog at a boarding house recently when we travelled overseas, and watching video updates of him while on our trip always brought a smile to my face!

Glenn was previously seen here, here, and here.

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