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Astrid & Miyu

What are you currently studying?
I’m going into the third year of my law degree. I first got interested in pursuing law because I’m big on having a career with a purpose. I come from quite an international background, so I enjoy working with people from different walks of life and various jurisdictions.

Share with us more about your background.
My mom’s Brazilian, my dad’s British, and I was born in Switzerland. So right now, I’m holding three different passports (laughs). It gets a little chaotic during football season, especially because both sides of my family do watch it, but I think I can equally celebrate whoever does better. I think Brazilians are better at it, but I’m pretty sure my dad would disagree.

Which side of your identity do you feel more connected to?
That’s difficult to answer. When I’m in the UK, even though I was born there, I don’t quite look English, and most people won’t consider me one. It’s the same when I go back to my mom’s family in Brazil, who feel that I’m very European. Looks-wise, I tend to look very Brazilian but culturally, I’d say I’m very European.

What’s something you would change about society?
The tax system. One of the biggest problems today is income inequality and that’s what’s preventing the world from developing the way it should be progressing. I think we need a big shift in taxation so we can accommodate everyone and give people a level playing ground.

What has been the most interesting thing about Singapore so far?
It’s quite a utopia—it feels like the Switzerland of Asia. The government system is very interesting, because from an outsider’s perspective, it seems to be working really well, but I hear from my friends about the housing and retirement issues. I don’t think a similar government system will work in Europe.

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