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It’s been a while since we last caught up with you! What has been the biggest change in your life this year?
Apart from getting married and moving in with my husband, Jem, I made a switch to become a full-time freelancer this year.

As someone who takes comfort in planning ahead, it’s quite scary not knowing when my next pay check will come. But all things considered, I’m glad I made the jump; I now have a greater capacity to pursue the things that I love with no regrets.

How has married life been for you thus far?
It’s definitely had its ups and downs. I would say that a lot of our traits, both good and bad, are now amplified because we spend a lot more time together.

That said, there’s so much comfort in knowing that I have someone to come home to no matter what happens in the day. But at the same time, there are moments where literally everything Jem does gets on my nerves (laughs).

What are some of favourite spots in your new neighbourhood?
I live near Coney Island, which is literally at the end of Punggol. Living near the sea has its perks, like being able to find quiet spots by the beach nearby to chill.

Jem and I also recently found a really good tze char (economical food) stall near our place—their signature rojak is to die for!

Tell us more about your photography business, Light Reels.
I started @lightreels.liz as I love to capture moments, whether it’s between people, or simply the way light hits a building at a certain hour, and it’s been such a privilege to pursue my passion as a business!

There have definitely been moments where I took this for granted and just went through the motions, especially when I had back-to-back shoots. But all in all, it’s been so fulfilling to form relationships with my clients, hear their stories, and meet their loved ones—everything that goes beyond what is captured in photos.

What’s been on repeat in your playlist?
I’ve been listening to a podcast called How To Talk To People on Spotify. It explores the ways in which we connect with people and the barriers to community building in a seemingly well-connected society.

I started listening to this podcast because I’ve always felt a little anxious when engaging in small talk with strangers. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in forming more intentional relationships with those around them!

Who or what are you missing right now?
My childhood bedroom at my parents’ place. As a homebody, that room was a source of comfort growing up. It even got me through the whole lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic! Since moving out, I’ve been missing that space more and more.

Eliza was previously seen here, here, and here.

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