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It’s so cute that you’re wearing matching outfits with your fiancée! Was it intentional?
Yes, we try our best to coordinate our outfits when we go out—I often just ride on whatever my fiancée, Hidayah, is wearing (laughs).

I think our styles have evolved together with time. Whenever we go shopping, we even take into consideration the clothes we both have in our wardrobes before deciding on pieces to buy, just to ensure that we can always match.

What are you looking forward to at the moment?
Our wedding! It’s in a few months, and I really cannot wait for the day I start living life with her.

Tell us the story of how the both of you met.
I love sharing this story! (laughs)

We matched on Tinder and starting talking. As we were sharing about our life plans, we found out that we were, at that time, about to enrol into the same school, in the same course, and same class! I really thought it was a love scam at first, because what are the odds, right? But we’ve been together for six years since.

What’s your fondest memory as a couple?
It has to be one of our first few dates. At that time, we were young and very broke. I remember working a part-time job the night before and using the money I received to fund our date (laughs). I find it a sweet memory of the effort that I put in for her and this relationship.

How do you like to spend time together?
I love riding us around on my motorcycle as a way to destress from the hustle and bustle of life. Sometimes, Hidayah and I will go on spontaneous rides around Singapore. We’ll try to find scenic places to visit like Marina Bay Sands, where we can spend hours talking and enjoying the view and breeze.

Share with us the biggest lesson Hidayah has taught you.
Patience, she’s definitely more patient than I am. I tend to let my emotions get the better of me, especially when I’m hungry, hot, or uncomfortable—she calls me ‘Cranky Azim’. I also love the way she treats my family and peers, and she always goes the extra mile for me, which I really appreciate.

Do you have any new year resolutions for the new year ahead?
To be the best husband to my soon-to-be wife!

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