Ask Sue-Shan if she’s a city or a nature lover, and she’s got a funny story to share. “My name in Chinese literally sounds like ‘tree, mountain’, and that’s what people used to call me when I was younger,” she laughs. “But yes, I really love nature and hiking, and I wish there were more areas where we could go hiking in Singapore, like in Hong Kong. On the other hand, I’m also quite a very ‘city-person’, and I always keep myself very busy.” Sue-Shan does have her plate full at the moment; she’s the boss and brains behind three different F&B concepts, which also includes the recently-opened SPRMRKT at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute. She got to know food at a young age, starting to bake when she was a kid, while her father used to bring the family to nice restaurants for meals. “He can be a tough man to please at restaurants, though anyone who has served him also knows that behind his stern disposition is a well-meaning customer. He’s also the one in charge of the menu when it comes to family gatherings.” Busy as she is, Sue-Shan tries to make time to visit Japan at least once a year, and that’s where she comes across the uncommon items that make it into her wardrobe. “I’m not the kind of person that chases after big brands, but I just like wandering into random neighbourhoods on my trips. Sometimes I find something new and interesting.”

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