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Lesley has noticed that her style has gone through some obvious changes over the past few years. “I used to quite like the clean, structured aesthetic, but of late I feel like I’ve grown tired of needing to look so immaculate and carefully-put-together,” she says. “I think I’m now more okay with looking like something’s a little off-kilter, like as if I’m wearing pyjamas or my socks are too high, and not worrying so much about presenting a certain image. Or I’m trying to be more okay with it, at least.” The first time we met her, she mentioned that Iceland and Scotland were top on her list of places to visit—places she can now tick off the list after a recent trip. “I didn’t really get to explore Scotland beyond Edinburgh city, but Iceland was insane. It has a kind of wild beauty, and such a dramatic, diverse landscape. It did get a bit wet and dreary on some days, but I’d still love to go back any time.” Back at work and dreams of Icelandic landscapes aside, Lesley is trying to ground herself and continue growing. “I’d like to get better at what I do, and not disappoint the people who rely on me and trust me,” she says. “Easier said than done, so I’m still pushing towards that.”

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