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Although young, and with a deceptively modern Saint-Laurent-esque look, Jaspar will have you know that he’s actually an old soul on the inside. Take his current favourite movie, for example—François Truffaut’s 1959 debut film, The 400 Blows. “It’s timeless, and captures everything beautiful about the French New Wave movement,” he explains. “The film is more than twice my age, but it speaks volumes with its relevance, even now.” At first look you might also think that Jaspar’s music choices would be more inclined towards something a little more punk-rock or metal; while he does listen to the odd track or two from some heavier bands, he’s also a fan of old-school classics from Edith Piaf and Maria Callas, and lists Irish techno outfit Lakker as someone he’s listening to right now. It seems that Jaspar finds a special joy in being inscrutable and full of surprises, and he likes to keep even himself guessing as he continues to explore life and all its offerings. “A saying that I’ve always looked to is ‘find out what you do best, then don’t do it’,” he says. “That, and along with ‘regret doing; never regret not doing’, have helped me to make some of my best and worst decisions in life. Nothing would be the way it is today without my belief in those two quotes.”

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