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The last time we saw Huey C. she was accompanied by her tri-colour shiba inu, Onigiri, as well as her boyfriend, Alfie. Even though she’s all by herself this time round, however, Huey C. is no less striking. Several things have changed since we last met: she’s working on more illustrations, and is doing some freelance graphic design on the side. Mostly, though, the biggest change is more physical and emotional: the couple is currently fostering a stray dog named Ebony. “We’ve had her for about six months, and we’ve grown quite attached to her even though it was only meant to be a temporary thing until she found an owner,” Huey C. says. “Taking care of Ebony has been an eye-opener. I learned about the difficulties that street dogs and their rescuers face, and I’ve also witnessed the discriminatory attitudes of some people towards stray dogs. They’re quite fearful of the dogs, or think that they’re really mean or fierce.” She and Alfie have been documenting their journey with Ebony on Alfie’s website in the hope of educating the public about the reality of the situation. Something else that’s close to Huey C.’s heart is the recent Penjuru Road incident. “The land is being taken back, so the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority has been mass-culling all these stray dogs. They currently have 14 dogs in captivity, and rescuers are trying to bail them out,” she says. “It’s very heartbreaking.”

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